A Christmas postcard from Huaraz

A Christmas postcard from Huaraz

It’s my first Christmas away from New Zealand in almost ten years, maybe more, I can’t remember. This time of year has often been a time to recharge more than being about the “festive” season, and because my family has been scattered around the world over the years, gift giving has mostly been more about making the time to catch up or sending each other pictures of the food we had that day. You know, the simple things in life.

December has been a full on month, teaching four classes including Saturdays. I know some teachers do more, and they even study at university after their classes. It’s something I often joke about with one of the teachers, like, when does he actually sleep?

The Not So Typical Like Letter

The Not So Typical Like Letter

I actually told someone I liked them today, oh wait, does it count when you also tell them that you “used” to like them? You know, like in the past tense. Not really sure on that one.

It’s been a weird few days for me, my energy has been really up and down. My mornings, when I would normally go to the market and then make time to cook lunch, has been swallowed up by extra commitments. Falling back into those old patterns of being in the business of being busy, not eating as healthy and definitely not sleeping enough.

As I sat there watching my students frown at their exam papers, on impulse, I tore a piece of paper from my notebook. It made that satisfactory tearing sound that made you feel productive in a sea of silent tension. I picked up the pen and began to write. My hands had the usual onset of cramping that anyone who ceased to write essays in their high school years knew too well. No matter how neat your penmanship was back then, as an adult, it just looks like chicken scratches.

# 22 Dear Universe

How do you get what you want in life if you don’t ask for it?
— Shortyisms by fivefootronna


Dear Universe,

It's your home-girl, Ronna. I have been preaching to so many people about asking you specifically for what we want in life, and here I am scared to ask you for mine. I don’t know if angels have an unwritten rule about granting vague wishes, and I bet sometimes you wish you could use your mind-reading powers just to speed things along. Humans are finicky creatures, aren’t we?

By the way, this morning, I sensed there was that a meeting of sorts in my room? I hope so. Maybe I was just dreaming, but my gut tells me it was angels, hanging out waiting for me to wake up. What was I dreaming about? Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t alone in my thoughts.

What do I want from my life?

I keep having this dream about speaking to a big theatre full of people, but not just anyone. People who may feel lost, insecure, uninspired, and want that kickstart to finding themselves, and loving life. I’m wearing my clothing label, five foot ronna, which is a highly sought after label. I’m wearing a headset because I also talk with my hands, and it’s hard to be animated with a mic in one hand. We share laughs and tears, memories from my childhood, love lessons, life lessons, my food journey - it’s amazing how much I have packed into 33 years aye? By the way, I’m totally rocking my bob with that straight cut fringe.

My speeches change to cater for my audience. Speaking in front of small or big audiences is no problem, I love connecting with people and this is something I do best. I have plenty of life experiences to share and each will take what they need from it. We teach each other that we are perfect in our imperfection.

I see this happening by the end of this year, starting locally and branching out nationally. Speeches are part of the same message from The Inside Out Project - Five Shortyisms To A Life of Awesomeness. Dance is still my passion, and I will use this alongside The Project. No, it is part of The Project. It will be my tool to help carry my message.

As for love, I want Morgan and I to be happy.

I just need to have faith. And faith is more complex than just trusting the Universe. A bit like rafting down the river - yes the current will take you and you can wait it out to see where it leads. But if you paddle, you can paddle away from the rapids, and maybe even stay dry,

The question is, are you ready to paddle?

Ronna Funtelar Thacker is a writer, foodie and dance studio owner.
She lives in New Zealand with her husband, Morgan and three dogs, JC, Hulk and Twitch. 
A self-confessed eternal optimist and lover of crispy M&Ms, she shares her adventures
and life learnings to connect, inspire and nurture self-love.