A woman with a curious mind looking for her WHY. Currently eating pizzas and hiking mountains while she figures it out.
Storyteller, traveler and foodie.

I'm Ronna Grace Funtelar, a thirtyish storyteller and writer. A hobby hiker, photography and sunrise enthusiast - I have a passion for mindfully helping others live beyond their comfort zone. Made in the Philippines and raised in New Zealand, I’m a bit of a cultural ninja.

I guess you can say that every journey has a catalyst, and you can learn more about mine in my book STUCK: Friends, Lovers and The Obscurity of In Between. What I’ve learned is that even if what fueled the changes in my life were painful at the time, it didn’t have to be my fuel moving forward. Here, I’ve moved on from that chapter, and have used those lessons to embrace the magic of the unknown. So how do you take that leap of faith?
My friend, Steph, once told me that change happens when the fear of staying in the same place is greater than the fear of change. Whenever I feel scared to make a decision or to take action, I hear Steph’s voice and it’s a piece of advice I’ll always be grateful for!

Where you can find me: Currently on a year-long adventure in Peru while working as a TEFL teacher in Huaraz. They say that for you to truly experience everything life has to offer, you have to live it beyond your comfort zone. So here I am. A hobby hiker who’s lucky enough to have friends who love nature as much as I do.

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To be make a positive impact in the world, choose to be the flame, or the mirror which reflects it.

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