I’m Ronna.

Here are three things about me that should give you some context: I’m a Kiwi, living in Peru, and I probably have an unhealthy obsession with pizza. Oh, and mountains.
And lakes. And probably a lot of other things too. Here, I hike, eat pizza and repeat.

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Beyond the comfort zone: Rock climbing at Los Olivos

Finding my bliss:
The incredible gift of giving back to myself

APRIL 27, 2019: Everyone has their catalyst story - when we look back at that time of our lives wondering if this was all we were meant to do, meant to be. Here’s the fascinating thing I’ve learned in my most recent introspection, I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with how my life was going. Although I was doing and being what I wanted to be before my own ‘a-ha’ moment, I wasn’t living a life that was soul-enriching either. You see, not everyone has to be at their lowest of lows to ask that question - is this it?

The woman behind these words can honestly say how grateful she is for what pushed her to walk in the unknown. To discover and learn from the shadow parts so that she can appreciate and feel joy from within. In this chapter of my life, I know I’ve found my bliss.

For me, knowing and living my bliss is about letting go. To live from a grateful and abundant mindset and most of all, to be honest about who I am. Read more.

hike and explore peru!

Exploring Laguna Llaca and trekking the Vallunaraju moraine

ARPIL 03, 2019

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MARCH 11, 2019