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I’m Ronna.

I’m a thirtyish explorer, storyteller and creative
currently based in Whakatāne, New Zealand. Welcome to my adventures!

EXPLORE with me?


NOVEMBER 13, 2019: I was a speaker at the ArtsMAD event last night in Rotorua - it’s a PechKucha style of presentation and it was lots of fun. I had spent a couple of weeks agonising about my speech, made notes, changed photos a million times…then guess what? I barely even used half of what I had planned. Instead,
I spoke from the heart and it flowed naturally.

I went for a half day walk in the weekend - going from Whakatāne to Ōhope via the The Birdwalk and Ōhope Scenic Reserve tracks. I found the last 30 minutes a struggle in the humidity, but nothing really to complain about with the beautiful bush surroundings.

Happy exploring!

xo Ronna

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