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Why you should try the Lomo Saltado at Campo Base, Huaraz

Aji de Gallina at El Bosque

Pachamanca in Huaraz

Art & culture

Lessons I learned from a Wachuma ceremony

Visit to Willkawain and Coca Leaf Reading Ceremony

Puma de los Andes: A man who lives and breathes
his art

The Yunza tradition
- a tree full of presents!

What is the Yunza tradition? Think of it like a giant piñata, except it’s actually a tree. The tree is chopped and brought down from the mountains, which is then adorned with colourful ‘presents’ such like laundry baskets, baskets and tubs (for real!). Sometimes you get baskets, boots and even the odd fruit. Watching the tree get decorated can often be hilarious - as the tree gets fuller, it becomes top heavy and it’s a race against time (and the wind) to finish decorating before it topples over! Read more


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