I’m Ronna.

Here are three things about me that should give you some context: I’m a Kiwi, living in Peru, and I probably have an unhealthy obsession with pizza. Oh, and mountains.
And lakes. And probably a lot of other things too. Here, I hike, eat pizza and repeat.

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JUNE 6, 2019: Lush tussock and scatterings of pools of water was the view that awaited us over the hill. I stopped briefly to take it all in. I just wanted to sit there and never leave. We were still about 30 mins from the top of Laguna Churup, and the flatter terrain helped me to catch my breath for awhile
at least.

As we got closer to Laguna Churup, Guido stopped and said, “I want you to go first, then tell me how you feel.” Through the trees I could see the familiar blue of the lake. Then I ducked under a few more branches and found myself on top of a rock that gave me a panoramic view of the lake and Mt. Churup. Wow. No matter how exhausted I felt at that moment, this, this made it all worthwhile. I closed my eyes, inhaled, and when I opened them I knew I wasn’t dreaming. Peru really is this beautiful.

To make our way down to the lake, Guido had to improvise our path. That meant more rock climbing, but for the most part it was just my fatigue that made the descent take longer than I would have liked.

As it was late in the afternoon, Guido said that if there wasn’t a collectivo waiting at the bottom, I had to prepare myself to walk another hour to Llupa. I figured I would deal with that if I had to, but I was quietly optimistic that we would miraculously see one even though it was almost 4pm. READ MORE

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