# 10 Impossibly, improbable, that may possibly be achievable


Impossible is when the idea doesn't make sense

I started writing this blog for a friend of mine who has started her University degree as an adult. Single Mum, full time study...ouch!  I will not pretend I know how she feels, because I don't, and it would be patronising to even try. She already passed this point because she's started, but from what she's said, it's been a real struggle juggling study, family, feeling guilty for not spending time with her daughters...you know the drill! 

Up until four years ago, the word IMPOSSIBLE was a big part of my vocabulary. I had a pretty good life, but there were many dreams left in the too hard pile. I had convinced myself it was 'too hard' or 'too crazy' that I didn't even bother to look at my options.

To make this easier to understand, I will talk about my trip to Singapore in March as an example of how this works, read on.

Improbable is when you are looking for an excuse not to put in the work

Many times I've found myself saying, "I wish for this...I wish for that..." but never really doing anything about it. Common stuff like my weight, travel, better money management etc. Nothing at all like World domination! 

A friend of mine in the dance community tagged me on a Facebook post about dance intensives in Singapore. First thought was, "YES!" Second thought was, "Crap. No money. Can I get leave? How am I getting to the airport? There's not enough time to save up..." List went on. Do you get into a habit of getting excited over something, then shutting down the idea because you identify a Mt Everest of barriers? I still struggle with this, grrrr!

There's no point in making yourself feel guilty either, because unless you're in the right mindset to overcome that initial guilt, using guilt is just a mask for the real reason you don't want to do something. Fear? Fear of getting it wrong, failing, being forgettable...list goes on.

Possible is when you have taken a few steps, but you're still stuck on the 'I wish' mentality and not yet ready to do the hard grind...

After talking to my husband and making a decision to go, I had three months to get the money together for flights, accommodation, and spending money. The hardest one was getting leave from work. I'm in a pressure cooker type of industry, I work as a designer and production manager for a signage/print company. 

Luckily after a chat with my boss, we found someone local to cover me during my leave. 

I identified the obstacles, I dismissed the excuses and got on with making it happen.

Achievable is when you jump the gap of what's you hope is possible and take action.

Crawl. Walk. Jump. Fly...

Much love