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Yay! This is my first foodie blog post, and I'm so happy it's about one of my regular hangouts. I am talking about...Javaman! As much as I am adventurous with food, I can also be a creature of habit, and there are a few things on their menu I go in for: 1) The carbonara, 2) Thai green curry or 3) Something for brunch.

My friend Nyre (she is a foodie too and used to own a cafe in Waiuru) told me that she doesn't like to order pasta in restaurants because it disappoints her when it's not cooked properly. I recently experienced a bad carbonara at a new place I tried, and I was pretty sad about it too. It was tough and undercooked, and I haven't been back there since.

Let's Begin

#RonnaEats holla to: Javaman @ 214 The Strand, Whakatane

On the menu board it's listed as "Prawn and Mushroom Carbonara", but I change the prawns to bacon, purely because I'm allergic, and I don't want to die. 

Why do I LOVE this carbonara? First, it's the artisan pasta. It's not made in-house, but they do buy it in from a certified artisan supplier. I love the way the wide pasta twirls on my fork, and doesn't make me slurp it just to get it in my mouth. Make sure you combine the pasta and sauce thoroughly, I know it won't look like a food magazine editorial afterwards, but the melted parmesan adds a fantastic burst of flavour (by the way I love cheese).

The sauce is well seasoned, so if you're the kind of person that adds salt and pepper before tasting your dish, you've been warned! Don't waste a beautiful dish with your salt fanaticism, taste first!

Often people overcook mushrooms, so it's a nice change to get them creamy, but still firm so they don't flop on your fork. Texture is very important in my food experience, and floppy mushrooms is a no no (unless it's creamy mushrooms for breakfast, different story).

This is my comfort food, or if I'm carbo loading before a big night of teaching classes. I tend to eat it more in winter, and not so much in the warmer months. It's my go to dish if I want something filling and comforting, or want to just blob in a food coma later.

#RonnaEats rates this: 4/5

Inside Tips

  • If you want to beat the rush on the weekends, go in for brunch before 10.30am. My husband and I find this works most of the time.
  • Most of the portions are decent sized, so don't get tempted to get the large coffee if you don't want to go into a food coma afterwards. I ordered the French Toast and a small hot chocolate one day and that pushed my limits.
  • Do you have allergies or don't want potatoes in the Thai Green Curry? Ask them nicely to swap it for something else. I can't eat prawns (I'm allergic), so they swap it for bacon instead. They also have gluten free options.