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I have to admit I'm pretty chicken when it comes to complaining about below par food and service. To be fair, no, we didn't bring our dissatisfaction to the attention of the duty manager, as by the time we went to pay it felt like it would be a down buzz to an otherwise great evening.

Let's Begin

#RonnaEats holla to: Detour Bar and Lounge, The Strand, Whakatane

Detour is marketed as a fine dining bar and lounge, and I do enjoy my mocktail mojitos on DOT evenings. Someone definitely spent good money on styling the joint. 

Morgan and I met up with our friend, Angelie, and her boyfriend, Phil, who are visiting from Australia. Angelie and I used to work together, and even though she has lived overseas for most of our friendship, she has always made the effort to catch up when in town. 

When we ordered, the waitress did warn us that there would be a wait because a big group ordered before us, no problem. It gave us plenty of catch up time and get to know Phil too. Turns out they had set up a kite surfing business in Fiji, and will be spending a few months in Australia and return to Fiji mid-next year.

Morgan, Phil and I all ordered a stone grilled dish each: Morgan tried the 'Butcher's Cut', Phil the seafood, and me with the pork. Be extra careful with the stone grill, it really is hot! I really liked the potato pompoms, a bit like a crunchy gnocchi. The mesclun salad with beetroot strips added a nice freshness in the summer heat.

I did enjoy my meal, but I did feel for my friend, Angelie. Turns out she's both lactose and gluten intolerant. She ordered the Char Sui Pork and asked if the kumara could be made without dairy. We went back to our table outside and had a few more drinks and catch up about old times and what people were doing. 

All the stone grill meals were served first. When the Char Sui Pork came, it wasn't on kumara mash, but crinkle cut fries. My friend was told that the kitchen ran out of kumara, but a plate with just crinkle cut fries, a pork medallion and a lone plum for over $30? The dish was missing a few of the listed ingredients and looked pretty bare. She took it back to the bar and told them to up their game. About 15 minutes later her dish came back with some potato wedges and four asparagus. It did look like they were running out of ingredients to serve up.

Side note: It's been a few weeks since I started writing this review, as I got busy with dance. I also wanted to read over this to make sure I saw wrote about the experience in a fair and balanced angle. 

Three of us were pretty happy with our meals, but my friend was left a bit hungry. I am all for supporting my local restaurants, but it's fair to say she didn't get her money's worth this time.

#RonnaEats rates this: 3/5 (My food was good, but my friend's experience did put a downer on the night)