RonnaEats | Javaman's Halloumi and Mushrooms

RonnaEats | Javaman's Halloumi and Mushrooms

Today, I sampled their halloumi and mushroom dish with sautéed Shiitake, button and Portobello mushrooms with tarragon, served with café made gluten-free bread and a poached egg. That literally is the description on the menu board. Thank goodness, gone are the days where you pay a premium for gluten-free bread which often turned out to be a tasteless alternative, because to me, this tasted like a delicious wholemeal sourdough. Actually, it even felt lighter, without compromising on the flavour.

RonnaEats | Weekend Treats and Local Eats

Creamy mushroom breakfast bagel from Javaman Cafe.

Creamy mushroom breakfast bagel from Javaman Cafe.

It feels like a lifetime since Morgan and I spent a weekend together. Busy schedules and work meant we just didn't get our usual downtime together. This weekend was exactly what we needed, and it was good to sample new tastes, even at our local hangouts. 

Local eats

I have written about Javaman before, it's a cafe on The Strand, Whakatane. The interior is warm and cosy, the outdoor courtyard is inviting on warm days, and often I have had business meetings here. As I'm  a creature of habit, often I have the Thai green curry or carbonara, but on Saturday I was running late for a meeting, and decided to check out the cabinet selection.

It was a quiet morning before the brunch rush. Morgan spotted the creamy mushroom bagel first.

It's simple things done well that stand out to me, it just makes good business. I was greeted with roasted pumpkin seeds and a tasty toasted bagel. Sandwiched between is a runny egg, creamy mushrooms, spinach and bacon, served with some fresh lettuce and their signature aioli and sweet chilli.

Morgan and I were suprised by how full we were, as usually we are the cooked breakfast type. I had about five minutes before my meeting, and I still had my mocha to finish. Even though I was in a rush, it was great to spend 'us' time together.


Fudege brownie from Lonestar Rotorua.

Fudege brownie from Lonestar Rotorua.

Girls' night out

Saturday night, I went on a girls night out in Rotorua. We originally intended to dine out at Eat Street, but ended up at Lonestar instead. Note to self, five hangry women is not a good start to the night!

Our mains took over an hour to arrive, which I personally expected, considering how packed it was. I wish they had some puzzle mats and pencils like they do at Cobb and Co - no one is too old for connect the dots.

By the time dessert was served, most of the diners had left. It felt like we had the restaurant to ourselves. It may not have been a mind-blowing foodie night, but at least the company was great.

We came home and the two sobers had too much energy leftover from the fudge brownie to go to bed, so we went out and danced the calories away. Good food, good people, and dance. That's my kind of a good time.