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Some days I wake up with a craving for pancakes, I'm glad I've found somewhere local that serves up a no-fail good stack every time. If you're going to pay for pancakes, they better be nicer than the ones you make at home, because if they're not, you're better off to make them at home. Sure you have to do you're own washing up afterwards, but at least you get a full belly, and some money left in your wallet.

Let's Begin

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You get three on your stack, with berries, berry coulis and whipped cream. There's also fresh grapes, melon and berries (in season).  I order bacon on the side because I like that sweet/salty mix, and a nice break from all that sweetness. There's maple syrup drizzled over it, as well as a generous portion on the side. I don't think it needs extra maple syrup, but if you love it, it's there.

I don't know if it's the Asian in me, but I really like the sweet and salty combo. The bacon is extra, so if you want to save some pingas, give it a miss. It does get pretty busy on the weekends, so pop in before 10am if you want to miss the crowds.

#RonnaEats rates this: 4/5