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Bastille Day Crepes
and Coffee

When I was younger, I used to borrow my older brother’s Transformers toys, a screwdriver, and work out how it was assembled. Lucky for me, and my brother, I learned not to lose the screws, and followed a crude method to put it all back together. There were no Optimus-a-Tron frankensteins in our household. This knack of figuring things out came in handy this morning when I had to pull apart a slat bed. It probably took longer than it should, but I didn't break any slats, thanks to a handy tutorial I found on Google, so i’m happy. All that work built up an appetite, which was good because I really felt like crepes.

RonnaEats says holla to:

L’epicerie, 73 The Strand, Whakatane

I love crepes and galettes, and I don’t really need an excuse to eat them. My friend, Judea, and I met up at a packed L’epicerie around lunch time. It was their annual Bastille Day celebrations. The Citroen Food Truck was parked outside, but all orders taken inside. I ordered a goat's cheese roll, small mocha and a Carribean crepe, which consisted of Nutella, banana and coconut.

As we waited for our crepes, a man was playing the accordion. It reminded me of the time we were in a high school assembly as part of the French Class tour group, singing the French National Anthem accompanied by a Scotsman playing the accordion. True story, I swear.

Days like these, with the sun shining, does bring out the weekend diners. Sundays are usually quiet affairs in Whakatane, even with a busy service, the diners and hosts were in a good mood.

We decided to eat at The Heads. TacoTaco was also parked in its usual spot, but we already had plenty of food, so decided to pass up on it this time.

My goat’s cheese and mesculin was nestled in a freshly made bread, with a drizzle of honey and some slivers of almond. If you’ve never had goat’s cheese with honey, please do try it. The combination of the salty goat’s cheese, with the creamy, sweet honey is just amazing. I know what you're thinking, where's the meat? Didn't need it to be honest.

The crepe was what pushed me into my afternoon food coma, totally unproductive after that. I even missed dropping Judea back to her car, and had to drive back.

I think I have a much healthier relationship with food and exercise now. I love food, but know my body needs good fuel to do what I need to do. Exercise, hitting the gym isn't a punishment for my love of food, it's to celebrate and challenge what my body can do. I like that.

Bastille Day crepes and coffee was a winner for me this year - sunshine, good yarns and chocolate. Ooh la la!

#RonnaEats rates this: 4/5