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I've been a bit sick this week, and haven't been able to scope out new places to write about. Some people ask me if I get paid for this, my answer is...not yet! I LOVE food and wanted to get back into writing again, so that's why I've started up my Ronna Eats blog.  

Today, I popped into Javaman for one of my faves, green thai curry. I have to say it helped my blocked nose, as any good curry should. I also ran into Mark from Whakatane Online, and we got chatting about cold remedies, curry heat and how Filipinos love karaoke.

Let's Begin

#RonnaEats holla to: Javaman @ 214 The Strand, Whakatane

This dish is a bit of a legend in Whakatane. Even when Javaman changed owners, this dish stayed on the menu.  It's like the cool uncle that's just come back from his OE. It's a taste of Thailand for the Kiwi palette.

The dish is served with chicken, potato, crispy noodles and steamed rice. When Tony, the owner and chef, served up my lunch, he asked, "Will you be eating the potatoes today?" I laughed, thinking back to a conversation we had a few weeks ago. I had ordered the same for lunch, and when I finished left three pieces of potato on the plate. He said next time I could just ask not to have them if I didn't like potatoes (it was a full foodie day and I just didn't have any more room in my tum, so settle down potato lovers.)

To be honest, even without chicken this dish will still be a winner. If you're a vegetarian, you could ask Tony to serve you up more potatoes. The curry is quite mild, I might ask Tony to spice it up a bit next time, especially if I still have my cold. I do love the creaminess of the soup, with just the right balance of fragrant and spice.

#RonnaEats rates this: 4/5

I remember touring south-east Asia in 2007, and Thailand was one of my destinations. I was sitting at the train station, and decided I would order a green curry (weird calling it "Thai" curry when you're in Thailand. Same thing about Brazil nuts I guess...) In New Zealand, we get asked how "hot" we want it, but I decided to eat like the locals and get what I was served. It was served with the curry in one bowl, and rice on a plate. In my excitement, I didn't see the giant chilli on my bowl and decided to drown the rice in curry soup. I took one mouthful, and I was burning on the inside, outside, in my ears, my eye balls. As hot as it was, it was one of the best curries I've eaten. Nothing beats eating like the locals!

Inside Tips

  • Try eating your curry with a fork and spoon - that way you can include all the components in a mouthful and enjoy the different tastes and textures.
  • I like having my curry with iced tea.
  • If you're on a short lunch break, order ahead, or let the staff at the counter know. They will do their best, and let you know how long you have to wait.
  • Go hungry, and be prepared for food coma.

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