RonnaEats | Ceviche and Chicharron de Pescado

A bowl of ceviche with salsa criolla, chicharron de pescado, chifles and canchas.

A bowl of ceviche with salsa criolla, chicharron de pescado, chifles and canchas.


When in Peru, I have to eat ceviche! The traditional home of this famous dish, and living by the beach for a month, I was excited for all the fresh fish and seafood I get to have in Zorritos. I made sure to learn how to tell servers that I was allergic to crustaceans, though I broke it down to shrimps and crabs, “Soy alérgico a los camarones y cangrejos.”

Ceviche is fresh, raw fish marinated with lime or lemon juice, salsa criolla (pickled red onion), tomatoes, aji (peppers) and various herbs including cilantro (coriander). It’s light, refreshing and so easy to prepare at home. The Pacific Island version, which adds coconut cream follows a similar recipe.

This dish was served with Chicharron de Pescado, which is battered fried fillets of fish. The batter reminded me of a light beer batter than a tempura style. It also came with chifles, which are thinly slice, fried plantains. They taste pretty much like potato chips, and that’s what I thought they were at first. I also really enjoyed the canchas, which are Andean dried corn kernels that are served fried and lightly salted. I could see this being a popular snack food, especially with drinks on a hot day.

Rice (arroz) was supposed to be served with marisco, which is the word for seafood in general. I didn’t want to risk it having shrimps, so ordered it without. The portion was pretty big for me, but at 30 soles, I also wanted to get my money’s worth (NZ$14) - I’ve been told you can get a lot of local dishes here for around 10-15 soles (NZ$4.50-$6.80). Will be great to explore more of what the locals eat, that’s for sure!



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