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Javaman recently launched their Winter 2018 menu, and I have to say it has an interesting mix of influences that feels like a whirlwind foodie adventure to the Middle-East and Asia, while keeping their signature soul-food fare. It’s the kind of place to grab a quick coffee in the morning, have an informal business meeting, or my favourite, a weekend brunch with friends.

Today, I sampled their halloumi and mushroom dish with sautéed Shiitake, button and Portobello mushrooms with tarragon, served with café made gluten-free bread and a poached egg. That literally is the description on the menu board. Thank goodness, gone are the days where you pay a premium for gluten-free bread which often turned out to be a tasteless alternative, because to me, this tasted like a delicious wholemeal sourdough. Actually, it even felt lighter, without compromising on the flavour.

If you haven’t yet come across halloumi in your foodie adventures, it's a semi-hard cheese of Cypriot origins, usually made with a mix of goat’s and sheep’s milk (and sometimes cow’s milk) with a high melting point - perfect for frying and grilling. You can have it with a salad for a lighter meal, or have it as the hero of the dish, maybe marinated in a harissa sauce or your favourite spices.

When I go out for brunch I’m not counting calories, yet this dish is a great alternative to a heavy cooked breakfast. The halloumi satisfies your usual craving for that salty, savoury fried bacon or sausage, while the mushrooms fills you up without leaving you with a food coma. The poached egg was deliciously runny - a supposedly simple skill that is often overlooked. I did wish there was a bit more spinach, but that’s only because I like spinach.

In a nutshell: The lightness and taste of the gluten-free sourdough surprised me in a good way and the combination of flavours and textures in the halloumi with the three types of mushrooms, didn’t make me miss the meat at all. I didn’t really know what to expect when I ordered this dish, I mean I’ve cooked with all of the ingredients separately before, so in a way I knew it would taste good. A few bites in, I thought there may have been a hint of truffle oil, but it could just be the tarragon bringing out the earthy richness of the mushrooms. Great alternative to your usual fry-up!

RonnaEats TASTE: 4 Spoons
Vibe: 4 Spoons

JAVAMAN CAFE: 214 The Strand, Whakatane | Phone: 07 307 0728

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