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Photo Credit: Moxi Cafe  |  Artwork by Sam McLeod

Photo Credit: Moxi Cafe  |  Artwork by Sam McLeod

Moxi Cafe - 23 Pohutukawa Avenue, Ohope Beach

When I heard that a new cafe was opening in Ohope Beach, I really hoped that they would have a great point of difference and not just your usual cafe offerings. As my parents and I approached the packed cafe, we got lucky and found an empty table. A friendly face greeted me front of house, my friend Sam worked there as a barista. There was definitely a good vibe in the place.

All day breakfast menus aren’t that new and I know of several local cafes that offer it. I did however spot the Southern fried chicken burger and was eager to try that. Although it was tasty, I did wish it had a bit of heat which would compliment the fresh slaw. Dad had the pulled pork sliders which comes with a side of kumara (sweet potato) fries. He really liked them, especially with the pineapple.

Southern fried chicken burger with fresh slaw. In the background you can see Dad's pulled pork sliders with kumara fries.

Southern fried chicken burger with fresh slaw. In the background you can see Dad's pulled pork sliders with kumara fries.

Mum had the grilled salmon with salad. I had a taste and to be honest, I could have easily eaten the salad on its own. Like damn, what was in that dressing? So yum! I also loved the almond slivers and subtle sweetness from the apples. It would certainly make a wholesome meat-free meal - maybe add some falafels if you’re wanting a protein boost.

They serve All-Press coffee, and today Dad had his usual flat white. You know, that quintessential Kiwi cuppa. I didn’t tell him that Sam made it, but he said it was a good one.

One dish I’m curious about are the Truffle Fries which I will have to try on my next visit - I haven’t seen anywhere locally that serves it, so I think it’s at least worth a try. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think.

Yes, it’s early days, but so far I like the variety in their menu - which in a small town is a must. I look forward to trying a few more dishes and updating this post over the coming months.

RonnaEats: 4 spoons
Vibe: 5 spoons

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