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It feels like I haven't written a foodie blog in awhile, don't worry, I haven't stopped eating, I've just been busy with dancing and focused on that. Today I want to write about my latest obsession, kebabs! So there's been a Turkish Kebab place in Whakatane for a few years, but now one has opened up five minutes walk from my house. It does amaze me how many food places there are in this town, and how they all somehow manage to thrive. Is it because we can't be bothered cooking? I don't know, because I love to cook, but sometimes after teaching three classes, I just want to eat, shower then sleep.

Let's Begin

#RonnaEats holla to: Mr Kebab, King Street, Whakatane

The picture above is listed on the menu as 'Meat on Chips', which is what it literally is. You also get a whole lot of salad, hummus, tabouli and a beetroot relish, which I really like (I used to HATE beetroot as a kid, mainly because it was the canned stuff they put in sandwiches and it would get soggy come lunchtime. As an adult I met people who knew how to prepare it so that it didn't have that odd "I'm eating dirt" taste.) This serving is best eaten at dinner, or for lunch if you're really hungry!

Last night I felt extra adventurous and had the hot chilli sauce, not just sweet chilli. It was good to have the garlic yoghurt to help cool the heat though. I think the heat brought me back to my days travelling in 35C heat, and spicy food was part of that experience. 

I also had a chicken and falafel wrap kebab last week, and just the falafel yesterday (yes I went there two times in one day). I found that the falafel doesn't absorb as much of the sauce, so if you like your kebabs juicy, ask for extra sauce on this one. 

If you have a sweet tooth, try the Baklavas...

SIDE STORY: I bought my sister and I kebabs for lunch, and as I was waiting, the mother of the owner asked if I wanted tea. I had to decline as I was in a rush, though I said to her, yes next time I will have tea. Turned out, I was there for dinner too, and this time she didn't even ask. As we sat there waiting for tea, she brought tea and a slice each of cake. Yes, cake! Chuffed indeed.

#RonnaEats rates this: 4/5

Insider Tips

  • There isn't that much difference in price between the small or large. If you're extra hungry, go for it, or share it with a mate.
  • There's free Wi-Fi for dine-in customers, just ask.
  • Meat on Chips, Rice and Salads are big servings.
  • Fried chips with kebabs...try it.
  • Really friendly staff, stay and chat.

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