Thank you to those who have lent their words to help me to describe the book. No matter how much growth I feel I have achieved in these two short years, the intention and message has not changed. At the core, it is about valuing my sense of peace over placing blame, to learn to forgive, and most of all, hope. 

— Ronna Grace Funtelar


Thank you for sharing you as raw as you have, I don't know if you truly know how much impact you had on me as a person in the hardest time of my life. I wish I was able to have spent more time hanging out with you these present times, but life just keeps keeping on and yeah you know what it's like...(sic) You are important Ronna to many more than you may even know, keep shining as you do and I know we will cross paths again in future.

Kelly, Bay of Plenty, NZ - 2018

STUCK - 34 chapters. Not too long, not too short, but enough to draw you a picture and tell a story. Parts
of the book I totally relate to, others is a 'Wow! Is that how that life is actually like (marriage)'. Enjoyed
the small captions thru the book. I found myself rethinking my own past, and also where to for my future.
I am inspired for you as your book has given me a direction for me. Looking forward to the next chapter
in life.

Marsha, Gisborne, NZ - 2018

Thank you Ronna for an insightful read into a not so positive matter. Although this book sees it in a positive light. Yes! There is light at the end of every tunnel. And it is just another chapter in our lives to being who we are. A style of writing which flows and creates awesome word pictures. I look forward to the next edition with Ronna's writing style. Thank you, keep up the good work :)

Steven, Whakatane, NZ - 2018

A beautiful raw story of triumph over adversity. I loved how Ronna turned a potentially soul destroying event to learn, grow and expand her awareness to see more possibilities.

Ange (Flow with Angelena Davies) | Mt. Maunganui, NZ - 2018

STUCK was an amazing read and very relatable. I didn't feel so much alone in my experience after reading the book. We are all essentially after then same destination (finding love and meaning in life)...but we all take different paths to get there. A good coffee table book to read a few times over! Chicken soup for the lost soul.

Tamizan | Whakatane, NZ - 2018

Stuck: Friends, Lovers and the Obscurity in Between is Ronna Grace Funtelar’s first book. It follows her life as she navigates being suddenly single in her 30’s. Stuck is a raw, honest and an inspiring read. This book is easily devoured and the chapters are short and digestible. Ronna’s pain is evident throughout the book but by the end, there is a triumphant feeling as she celebrates making it through her first year after her marriage break-down. Albeit, with a few healing emotional scars. This book is soul-enriching and an encouraging read.

Jem (Little Adventures NZ)  |  Feilding, NZ - 2017

STUCK is beautifully written about love, loss and finding your way against all odds.
Part memoir, part diary and part over-coffee chat with a dear friend, this book reels you in with its heart and authenticity. If you're looking for something new to read that can inspire and provoke some of your own soul searching, STUCK is a clear choice!

John (The Wanderlust Pilgrim)  |  Whakatane, NZ - 2017

Such a great read! You have an amazing story that people need to hear. Definitely follow her journey.

Hayley  |  Auckland, NZ - 2017