#2 From the outside in

I often think about why it's so easy to focus on what we don't have, than appreciating what we have.  Then it hit me this morning - we see what is in front of us, but in order to see ourselves, we have to look at a mirror.

Have you watched the video where a person describes themselves to a forensic artist, and when strangers described them, the later is always more attractive than how the person sees themselves? 

I am a NZ size 14, in my teenage years I was a 10 or 12, and as I've gotten older I stopped stressing about my number, but how clothes fit my body and how it made me feel. I didn't see the use of holding on to a pair of size 10 jeans I bought on sale two years ago, "hoping" I will one day fit into them again. 

The food I have been fueling my body hasn't been the best, so I am now addressing that. Not because I want to be a size 10 again, but what I eat affects my mood, and my mood affects what I eat and how I feel about my body. A negative cycle, which I can change if I address why it is that I'm choosing to fuel my body with bad food. Everything in moderation! 

Here's ONE thing I am going to try to help change my attitude with food. I will be telling myself this every day, and challenge myself to limit sugar rich food (processed sugar). Treats are ok, don't guilt yourself

Give it a try and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • My body has done amazing things, and it by looking after it, it will do more awesome things.
  • Food is NOT MY ENEMY.
  • Nutritious food help fuel my body to keep up with my lifestyle.
  • What I eat is MY CHOICE. 

Give it a try, every day for one week. I will too, and will post an update next week.

Much love and hugs

P.S. As I finished writing this blog, I just finished a bottle of chocolate Wave. So I am committing to 50 squats today. Instead of feeling guilty about that choice, I will move on and make better choices at lunch! 

#1 Always Looking Up

Three things about me...

I am short.

I am Asian.

I am an awesome motivator and coach.

For most of my life, being called short was annoying. I'm not disputing the FACT I am vertically challenged, I just didn't like what I perceived people meant by that statement. Yes there are people who assumed being told I am short is a sensitive issue, and yes, it used to be. Now, it's become part of my identity AND it helped me realise that being short has given me an awesome view of the world...that I was always looking up.

WOAH! I know right. Take a breath, because this gets better.

"Always looking up!" Gosh, what does that really mean? For me, it's about seeing the glass half full, seeing the doughnut and not just the hole, or simply, looking on the brighter side of life (cue whistling tune). When I learned how to see the opportunities instead of the obstacles, doors just opened. I am not saying it happened overnight, or that it was easy, because it wasn't. 

As I write this I am in my 32nd year of life. I can truly say I thought career changes are VERY SCARY in your thirties. In this stage of my life, I am building my dance studio business, holding down a day job, and rebranding fivefootronna. Oh and not to mention that my husband and I currently own one dog and nine puppies. No kids as yet, but they will come into the picture sooner or later. For the first time since I left school, I am seeing a whole new direction for me, and I AM LOVING IT!

To be honest, I haven't yet fully defined what fivefootronna will become. I can tell you that the brand began as a clothing line, but sort of lingered in the sea of "do it later" because it wasn't really what I wanted to do. You see my main motivation for selling designs was to make money. And what I have learned with my creative self is that if money is my main motivation to sell, I grew bored of it. I am no fashionista, I don't follow trends, and I can barely tell you the names of clothing brands. Let's move on.

What I do know is that fivefootronna will be the bridge and connector between the "I wish" to the "I can", to the "Living it". I don't have a degree in this, I don't hide that fact. I do have a lot of experience being a mentor / life coach / teacher / motivator in my role as teacher and owner of my dance studio. I am also an great listener, not just listening to what you tell me, but to what you don't. 

I don't have a gazillion dollars, so if that's your measure of success, then you best move on to someone else. I wake up looking forward to what life brings me, AND I am always seeking to improve on myself and fill the gaps in my knowledge. I won't just tell you what you want to hear, I walk the talk.

I want to be the bridge and connector between the “I wish” to the “I can” to “Living it”.
— fivefootronna

Much love and hugs