# 15 Someone will always be better than you, because they started yesterday, and you started tomorrow

Image Credit: https://sweatboxx.wordpress.com/

Image Credit: https://sweatboxx.wordpress.com/

Perception is reality, so change your perception of the situation

New Years resolutions annoy me, and I refused to do them. It felt like you put so much pressure on yourself to achieve these goals that I'm not even sure people really want to achieve - they just wanted to join the bandwagon of "New Year, New Me." Sure enough, after two weeks of eating that sugarless, wafer, sun-dried, no-taste thing you paid three times the price for, you've found yourself in line ordering a large Big Mac combo with a large chocolate sundae. Here's the real talk so read on.

I am five feet tall, and I weigh around 67 kg, at my heaviest around 72 kg.  When you're five feet tall, that "too much junk in the trunk" is just that, ALL that junk food I ate all these years. I wasn't always like this, most of my life I was around 55 kg, and only until a few years ago I was 60 kg. That equates to a NZ size 10 / 12. I didn't have a thigh gap, I had jiggle in the middle, but 32 years old, I am at the heaviest I've been all my life.

My fuel was crap

Before you preach, "Big is beautiful, love yourself." I do love myself. I am being real about all the bad food choices I've made over the years. Also there's a history of diabetes and heart conditions in my family, so changes I am making is not for vanity (because no matter how much jiggle in my middle, I still love my curves), but for my health. No matter how much dancing I do, it won't make a difference if the fuel I put in my body is crap!

I started with having breakfast - banana smoothie with some of Morgan's protein powder and chia seeds. One small change makes a big difference. It also helped me out of a bad habit of hitting the snooze button - which for me was a hard one to break. Will change it up soon though, I can feel my body is getting bored of it, so will look for more recipes and variety to my morning shakes.

Also I have acknowledged my addiction to fizzy drinks, up until a couple of days ago, I haven't had them since New Years Eve. Ashamedly, I was having them almost every day! Best thing is being able to sleep through most of the night, without my body having to process through all that caffeine in my system. It's been hard, mainly because it's my default drink when I go out, but water or juice is just fine.

It doesn't have to be perfect all the time

Let's face it, making life changes will have its ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than wins. It's ok not to feel awesome all the time, to dislike that you can't fit your favourite pair of jeans anymore. What gets me through is being in the here and now, and know that I can't change my future if I don't make good choices now. 

Whatever you are trying to achieve, BE IN THE NOW. You can't get to the future YOU without dealing with the PRESENT YOU. So do yourself a favour and do the work.


Much love and hugs

Ronna Grace Funtelar

A thirtyish storyteller, hobby hiker, photography and sunrise enthusiast with a passion for mindfully helping others live beyond their comfort zone.